Rise of insurance by not fighting traffic tickets

Did you know that over the past ten or so years, only around 29% of people who have been issued with a road traffic ticket in Canada have actually attempted to challenge it within court? This is a great shame, as the 71% of people who are not fighting tickets are opening themselves up to not only a criminal record, but higher rates of car insurance. Let’s take a little look.


At the heart of every traffic ticket issued under the road traffic act is something known as demerit points. Each offence has a different amount of points attached to it, the more serious the offence, the more points you will get. So what are demerit points? Well, they are a sort of ‘punishment’ added to your license. If you achieve too many points then you will lose your license automatically. Many people who regularly get speeding tickets do not realize this until it is far too late. This isn’t the only problem that it can cause though.


As you know, in order to drive cars on the roads of Canada you need car insurance. You may also know that those who provide car insurance tend to give better prices to those that are safe drivers. This means that they will look into the amount of demerit points you have on your license, if it is a large amount then you will see a rather substantial increase in the price of your insurance. This increase varies from provider to provider. Although for a large amount of points you can be looking forward to increases of around 100%. Remember, they can only see the offence on your record, they don’t know whether you are guilty or not. So don’t plead guilty to a speeding ticket as insurance will go up. You may even find that if you have too many points that some insurers will be reluctant to deal with you.


Thankfully, if you fight a speeding ticket you often have a pretty good chance of being able to win the case, especially if you feel as though you have done nothing wrong. This means that you are going to have absolutely no demerit points added to your license, and of course, if you fight the ticket, this means that your insurance costs are not going to go up. It is surprising how few people in Canada actually go through this process as it can bring nothing but benefits to you in the long run.


Whilst there is plenty of information out there on how to fight the ticket on your own, it is suggested that you hire a paralegal to carry out the work. They will be able to do everything for you, and the prices are fairly cheap too, especially compared to just accepting the punishment and moving on. Remember, you won’t always be able to successfully fight a speeding ticket, but you may be able to reduce the fine and points, which is of course going to be beneficial.

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