Turn Not in Safety Ticket in Etobicoke
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Incident Details

ICON 4862. I was driving on Burnhamthorpe Road, trying to make a left turn on Renforth. The light turned yellow; on the other side, one car had stopped behind the white line while another car first seemed to hesitate then sped up. This confused me as I thought the other driver was going to stop as well. I went ahead to make the left turn and ended up colliding with that other driver.

Ticket offence date: 2015/07/30
Next court appearance: 2016/07/25
Weather: hot, clear and sunny day
Road conditions: good
Obtained disclosure

I am not sure if I can win the case by pleading not guilty. I would like to avoid having a conviction on my record. My original date of trial was sometime in February but my case had been postponed because the case before mine was taking a long time. On that day, the police officer was there, as well as the other driver who had a witness. I do not have a witness. I am not certain how strong of a case I can make in trial. This is my first ticket of any kind.

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Stella$150.0002-Aug-2016 21:22:26 


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