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I got a ticket for driving without Insurance, I set a court date and I missed it (I was out of the country), I went to pay the fine and I found out my drivers license is suspended and I have a 9K fine.

I need help to reduce the fine and re-instate my drivers license.

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RyanDeSouza$600.0012-Jan-2016 18:50:06 


Hi, my name is Ryan De Souza I am a licensed paralegal with experience in provincial offences tickets I can most certainly help you reopen your charge reduced the fine and most importantly get your drivers license back call or text me for more info at 647-283-4112
JoelLacoursiere$750.0008-Jan-2016 14:57:18 


Hi Alejandro, I think it's best that you call me as this is a bit more complex than a standard ticket. That said, the damage can likely be undone. Thanks, Joel Lacoursiere, BA, P1 Licenced Paralegal 416 909-0620
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