Carless Driving county of Markham, Onrario
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Date issued: January 29th, 2016. Did not give a statement, was taken to hospital. Summoned to appear in court march 11th, 2016. No fine or anything listed on ticket. Attempted to make a u turn on a street, stopped car and signalled left and waited for oncoming traffic to clear, it was not busy. Once clear I started the turn, three quarters done a car behind me strikes the drivers side back end of my car. This was a car behind me while I was on my lane, not an oncoming car.

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JoelLacoursiere$550.0001-Feb-2016 13:27:12 


Hi Jamal, This is very serious offence, which carries a minimum fine of $495 and 6 demerit points. Put simply, if you're convicted of Careless Driving affordable insurance is out of the question. I'm a paralegal and former police officer who can offer you free advice. Call me at 416 909-0620. If I don't answer, I'm more than likely in court so please leave a message and I'll return your call. Thank you, Joel Lacoursiere, B.A, P1 Licensed Paralegal
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