Careless Driving – Toronto
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This is off an accident. No $ values given but rather a careless driving ticket off a minor accident. Looking to reduce it to minor if not completely won (if possible)

I (doubt) there may be a planted witness. I am unaware as a person showed up at the accident and talked to other party prior to arrival of officer. Again, this is not mentioned on disclosure.

Posted Offers from Paralegals
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RyanDeSouza$375.0012-Jan-2016 18:57:32 


Hi, my name is Ryan De Souza I am a licensed paralegal who specializes in provincial offences charges feel free to call or text me at 647-283-4112
JoelLacoursiere$495.0005-Jan-2016 07:27:23 


Please see my comments which were sent to you. Thanks, Joel
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