Speeding Ticket: 70 In A 50 Zone, Toronto
Image of Speeding Ticket: 70 In A 50 Zone, Toronto

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Incident Details

Travelling north on Avenue Road at 1am in the morning, was caught driving 70 in a 50 zone. Officer reduced it to 5 over (55 in a 50 zone).

However, on the ticket, date shows it was Friday morning when in fact the actual day of the ticket was Saturday morning at 1am.

Need to fight in order to avoid high insurance premiums (already have a conviction for speeding 10 over 60 in December).

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Gregory$100.0018-Sep-2013 00:56:15 


Obviously I would need to look at the ticket and all relevant evidence (must be able to demonstrate when the ticket was written and, possibly, where you were when the ticket was written. It is also hard to guarantee outcome; because it was reduced by the officer, there is very little likelihood of any deal with the Crown, so this would need to be resolved at Trial.
Giovanni$200.0014-Sep-2013 18:03:36 
Anthony$150.0012-Sep-2013 12:24:12winning paralegal fee to fight traffic ticket/speeding ticketWINNER


This is an easy matter to resolve for you. $150 all in. No added fees.
Ping$150.0011-Sep-2013 08:45:27 
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