Speeding Ticket 96 in a 60, Caledon, Ont.
Image of Speeding Ticket 96 in a 60, Caledon, Ont.
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Incident Details

3-28-16 11:22pm, have not responded to the ticket in any way yet, dark clear conditions, officer moving in opposite direction shortly after transiting crest of a hill. Hit lights immediately, as I pulled to a stop I passed the 80 km sign post.

Posted Offers from Paralegals
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JoelLacoursiere$300.0004-Apr-2016 10:54:58 


Hi Dave, This certainly sounds like a straight forward situation to deal with. I'm a former police officer who specializes in speeding tickets. Feel free to call me any day this week after 5pm to discuss the options available to us. Sincerely, Joel LaCoursiere, B.A., P1 Licensed Paralegal 416 909-0620 www.paradigmticket.com
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6311 Old Chirch Road, Caledon East