Speeding ticket 83 in 60, Scarborough, Ontario
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Incident Details

– Rush Hour traffic (~4pm) January 27, 2016
– Light was dimming and flurries. Road was slightly wet.
– Disclosure was requested and will be obtained (confirmed from prosecutor)
– Trial date set for November 2016

Made a left turn at Kennedy Rd from Finch Ave. Driving on the right lane, car pulls onto road in front of me from plaza #1 (Eastside of street) and begins to full stop to to turn into neighbouring plaza #2 (also Eastside of street). I change lanes and speed up to avoid vehicles. Begin decelerating and get pulled over by police vehicle going Southbound on Kennedy. Officer only asked “How fast is the speed limit on this road?”. He also mentioned that he clocked me at 83 with his radar. Nothing else was mentioned and I did not say anything else other than answer his question of road speed (60km/h)

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JoelLacoursiere$300.0004-Apr-2016 15:12:30 


Hi Jerome, This speeding matter sounds to be very straight forward. I'm a former police officer who now specializes in speeding tickets. Give me a call so we can discuss the options. Sincerely, Joel LaCoursiere, B.A., P1 Licensed Paralegal 416 909-0620 www.paradigmticket.com
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