Speeding Ticket 134 in 100 zone, 417 Hwy, Ottawa/Kanata, Ontario
Image of Speeding Ticket 134 in 100 zone, 417 Hwy, Ottawa/Kanata, Ontario
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Incident Details

ICON: 0460
Offence: H.T.A. 128
Date: 5/19/2016
Time: 10:45pm
Location: Hwy 417 just past eagleson exit
Total payable: $259

Description: This was my fourth trip on the road between barrhaven and kanata today. I just got the keys yesterday to my new house and had been moving all day. I was exhausted. This was my drive home. Road had a few cars but none in front of me. I was talking to my dad and I may have sped up accidentally as there was no car in front of me but I swear it was under 130km/hr. Cop was in a unmarked car on the median, lights off, no street lights. As I passed the unmarked car, I looked at my speed and it showed just under 130km/hr and I realised I was speeding. I slowed down to 110km/hr. The cop pulled out of the median behind me and trailed behind me about 20 meters behind for 1-2 minutes as I was slowing down and as I changed lanes to the middle lane. Initially I was afraid he was a cop but he didn\\\’t immediately turn on his lights and followed me for a while on the fast lane. Surprised, I changed lanes and followed another car on the middle lane. I was at 110km/hr for a full minute before he turned on his lights. He pulled me over, said he clocked me at 134km/hr and asked for license and registration. I gave my license but as I was driving my aunts car, I had my dad call my aunt for registration. He told us to remain in the car. We found the registration and when he came back gave it to him. He gave me the ticket and told me to speed up on the shoulder before joining traffic.

Weather Condition: Clear

Road Condition: only 1 car on the middle lane when I saw him on the median, initially. As he followed me on the fast lane and I changed to middle lane I was following another car, going about 110km/hr for about a minute. New car joined the traffic from the ramp entering from eagleson rd when cop turned on lights and that car actually started to pull over too.

I am still not convinced that I was driving 134.
I have not done anything about it yet.
I have another minor speeding ticket in my record from 5+ years ago no longer on my record. Therefore I want this ticket withdrawn/reduced or atleast no demerit points if thats not possible. Clean record right now.
Have not obtained disclosure, did not enter plea yet.

Thanks a lot!

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