Speeding Ticket: 107 in a 70 zone
Image of Speeding Ticket: 107 in a 70 zone
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I was on getting on to Black creek and I thought it was a 100 zone already so thats why I was going so fast.
Asked for Trail.
New court date June 29, 2016 9am

To add, this is my first offence. My record is clean.

Posted Offers from Paralegals
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Stella$150.0002-Aug-2016 21:25:12 


Call me - 416 564 9104
JoelLacoursiere$300.0023-Mar-2016 08:03:12 


Hi Brittany, This sounds like a relatively straight forward matter. I'm a former police officer and now a paralegal who can certainly assist you on this. You can call any day or weekend after 5pm to discuss in full. Thank you, Joel Lacoursiere, B.A., P1 Licensed Paralegal 416 909-0620 www.paradigmticket.com
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