Speeding Ticket: 100 Km/Hr in a 90 Km/Hr zone (reduced from 117 Km/Hr), Hamilton, Ontario
Image of Speeding Ticket: 100 Km/Hr in a 90 Km/Hr zone (reduced from 117 Km/Hr), Hamilton, Ontario
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Incident Details

ICON: 4760
Offence: H.T.A. 128
Date: 4/4/2016
Time: 12:54
Location: Redhill Valley Parkway
Total payable: $40

Description: I was driving on RedHill on-ramp towards QEW Toronto. The cop was waiting at the top of the ramp. I was driving on the right lane and there was a truck on the left lane. Seeing that my lane will end shortly, I tried to get ahead of the truck driving on the left lane.
As I got ahead of the truck, the officer stopped me. He showed me the speedometer and alleged me of driving at 117 Km/Hr on a 90 Km/Hr zone. He saw that I had another minor speeding ticket (also reduced) from 2 years ago, he reduced the ticket to a 100 on a 90 zone.

Weather Condition: Light snow

Road Condition: The road was wet from 15-20 cm of snow the previous night. Also, the ramp travels down-hill to marge into the QEW. QEW has a speed limit of 100 Km/Hr.

I am still not convinced that I was driving 117.
I have not done anything about it yet.
I have another minor speeding ticket in my record from 2 years ago. Therefore I want this ticket withdrawn/reduced to parking ticket/delayed conviction for at least another year.

Thanks a lot!

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JoelLacoursiere$300.0005-Apr-2016 14:32:30 


Hi Samiya, I'm a former police officer and now a paralegal who specializes in speeding matters, please call me so we can discuss the options. Thank you, Joel LaCoursiere, B.A., P1 Licensed Paralegal 416 909-0620 www.paradigmticket.com
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