Speeding Ticket: 68 On A 50 Zone, Richmond Hill
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I was caught speeding momentarily near yonge and finch area, but i have a dashboard camera showing that i only speed up momentarily in order to change lanes.


I was driving near yonge and finch area and the speed limit there is 50KM/h. I have been keeping my speed at that speed for the entire time i was there and what happened was that there was a truck on my right side turning out to my opposite lane and in order for me to not have to be in such a dangerous position and crash into the truck, i speed up momentarily and changed lanes and right after i have already slowed down my car. The police caught me speeding at 68KM but i was sure that i did not go that fast. i also have video evidence.

when he pulled me over he also charged me for using a cell phone but i did not even have a phone in my hand or anything. i was playing music on my car through my iphone and he stated that i was using my handheld device but the fact is that i never touched it and its only the fact that when he look into my car he saw a cell phone on the cell phone dock and the screen was on so he assumed i was using my phone while speeding. i felt this is very unfair to me because he did not give me a chance to defend myself and quickly gave me my ticket. I only press the VOLUME button in my CAR to turn off the music so i could hear him talk but he had assumed i was using my phone which i feel very unfair to me. if you listen to the video you can tell i only listened to music the whole time and i only stopped the music for the police because i was being respectful…

for my third ticket, he charged me for failing to surrender a valid permit. the fact is that this is my dad’s car and i dont usually drive it so i did not know where he put all his insurance card (pink slip) and the vehicle permit (green slip). i gave him what i could find on the spot which is the pink sheet and the green sheet. he told me i was missing the other half of the green sheet and i tried to search for it and then he told me that he will be back in a second. and then he went back into his car and started writing tickets and by the end of around 20 minutes he just came out and gave me all the tickets and he say that if i believe im not guilty i can take it to court. i feel that he was being extremely rude to me and he was probably discriminating against me because he probably thought i was just a young driver so i never follow the rule so i really hope you could help me on this.

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Posted Offers from Paralegals
NamePara-legal FeeDate Offer Placed
Giovanni$200.0014-Sep-2013 17:56:38 


Will need to meet client. Gather evidence and prepare for trial.
Anthony$200.0012-Sep-2013 12:26:01 


I can charge $200 all in for these three tickets. It will probably go to trial as you have to testify that you were not operating a mobile device while driving.
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