65 in a 50 zone – Reduced, Mississauga Ontario.
Image of 65 in a 50 zone – Reduced, Mississauga Ontario.
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I was speeding, according to the officer, 39km over. He reduced it to 15km. First offence and clean record. Offence date was May 31, have not plead not guilty yet.

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JoelLacoursiere$350.0008-Apr-2016 22:07:09 


Hi Marwan, I'm able to handle this trial for you, without issue. I'm a former police officer and now a paralegal who specializes in speeding matters. Feel free to call me over weekend so we can discuss the exact details of your case. Thanks, Joel LaCoursiere, B.A., P1 Licensed Paralegal 416 909-0620 www.paradigmticket.com
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