Parking Tickets: 80 Unpaid Parking Tickets, $6000, Toronto
Image of Parking Tickets: 80 Unpaid Parking Tickets, $6000, Toronto
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    ($500 - $1,000)



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Incident Details

I have over 80 parking tickets that are over 8 years old and totaling approx $6000 in fines. I want to arrange for a payment plan and possible reduction in fines so I can get a new license plate. I went to the court house and filled out a bunch of papers and the judge rejected my case as I had not shown any good faith in making any payments. Since the plates the tickets are on are all in denial I can only make a full payment at the service Ontario office. They will not accept a partial payment. So I want to appeal the judges decision and make a partial payment. How much would it cost for someone to take my tickets to the court house on Queen St in Toronto and appeal my case for me? I can attend with them if needed.I have all the ticket print outs in my possession and appeal papers but could use some guidance on how to fill them out.

Posted Offers from Paralegals
NamePara-legal FeeDate Offer Placed
Mark$500.0027-Oct-2015 16:24:51


I will charge 100 to go with you to the courthouse to file the necessary papers and advise you as to the correct wording. if the appeal is accepted, the it will be $400 additional to take it to the conclusion.
Courthouse Address
60 Queen Street West