Fighting traffic tickets, speeding tickets, and driving jobs 101

Canada has some of the strictest rules on traffic tickets in the entire world. Collecting several red light tickets can do a lot more than set you back a few dollars as one might see in other countries. Fines in Canada can amount up to an unbelievable $25,000 in cash and can create a lot of other problems for the person who has incurred them. Traffic tickets can soil a driving abstract permanently, which has poor implications. In other words, certain companies and businesses may not hire you – if your job requires driving – because of a spotty driving abstract, and a build-up of traffic tickets you are found guilty for can lead to a driver license suspension. Lastly, the insurance expenses skyrocket after only a few incidents of careless driving and traffic tickets. When all is said and done, being found guilty and paying traffic tickets in Canada can put a permanent scar on your ability to be hired and your finances.


Being ignorant of this, many people try to avoid putting up a fight with the Canadian legal system altogether and pay speeding ticket online. This, however, is a serious mistake. When a person pays speeding tickets or red light tickets online, they immediately accept the steepest ticket fines and the worst consequences of the ticket. As a Canadian citizen, you do not need to take the full brunt of the Canadian legal system. By learning how to fight traffic tickets and hiring professional paralegal help, you can save yourself a lot of money and aggravation.


Why you Should Fight a Speeding Ticket rather than Pay Speeding Ticket Online


Unlike paying red light tickets or speeding tickets over the Internet, you can avoid suffering from many of the consequences by fighting the ticket in court. So long as the ticket is being fought in court, your driving will not get any demerits, and your record will appear clear when you look to get hired by a business. Moreover, a trained paralegal professional can help reduce your fines and represent you in court, in your stead. You can avoid much of the hassle and financial harm that you would normally incur from opting to pay speeding ticket online.


How to Fight Traffic Tickets with a Paralegal Professional


As mentioned previously, hiring a paralegal professional can help you with everything you need to know about how to fight traffic tickets and can make the process a much easier one. The procedure begins the moment you incur a ticket due to supposed careless driving. Hire a legal professional immediately and have them make out a letter of representation in the Canadian traffic court. The professional you have hired will put in a ‘not guilty’ plea for you and attempt to negotiate a fine reduction or even a dismissal of the case altogether. They may also get the case moved to a later date, so there is more time to talk things through with the court and plan a case approach.


Once the professional has asked you pertinent questions about the circumstances of the careless driving ticket and has obtained a copy of your driving abstract from the local Department of Motor Vehicles, he or she will explain to you the different legal options you have and the projected repercussions of pleading ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’. Once you have come to an agreement on the action to be taken, the paralegal will submit a proposed disposition to the Canadian traffic court. If it is accepted, you will be given either a considerable reduction of fines or a fine dismissal.


The final step is receiving a notice on the final deliberation and instructions of the court. Any fine or penalties incurred will be taken care of by you personally. However, as compared to taking the full burden of the original ticket, the paralegal professional will have saved you considerable amounts of money and lots of hassle. When it comes to how to fight traffic tickets, hiring an expert in the field is the best way to go.

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