Don’t just pay, fight every traffic ticket and/or speeding ticket!

Traffic tickets are essentially write-ups of violations we make while driving. The prevalence of getting a traffic ticket bothers so many drivers that they just take the write-up and pay off the fine included with said ticket.


The thing is—drivers don’t have to accept a traffic ticket after they get handed one. They don’t even have to pay tickets for their driving mistakes. Instead, they can actually fight a traffic ticket, so they won’t have to pay fines in person or online.


Fight a traffic ticket


Drivers who don’t want to pay tickets can dispute them, possibly getting the entire fine waived altogether. Here are a few tips to help any driver start fighting their traffic ticket, so they don’t have to pay extraneous fees:


  • Don’t hit too hard. Traffic tickets are an annoyance, but don’t treat the process of appealing/fighting a traffic ticket like a real fight. Anyone who’s preparing to fight a ticket should know they need to weigh their options before making any decisions. The appeals process will be difficult, since many likely face traffic court and possibly the officer who issued the ticket in the first place.
  • Learn about the pending charges. Drivers should know their exact charges. Traffic tickets generally contain a special code that indicates committed offenses. The two key offenses are summary traffic offenses, where the driver only carries a fine and potential point against their driving record, and traffic offenses taken as criminal offenses.
  • Get a paralegal. A paralegal can help a driver understand the implications behind their charges, particularly if it isn’t their first time getting a traffic ticket. First time ticket recipients might not entirely benefit from a paralegal to the extent of someone with multiple traffic tickets or speeding tickets, but fighting ever ticket can only help you.
  • Know the protocol. Much like the ticket itself, drivers should know about the court proceedings of fighting/appealing a traffic ticket if they get their case that far. If a driver understand how the system works, they’ll likely have a bigger chance to get the traffic offense completely dropped.


The easiest traffic tickets to fight off are likely the first. Drivers with previous offenses are likely to have more stakes against them, especially when appealing against the officer who issued the ticket. Also, remember that paying traffic tickets online can complicate your driving record further.


Traffic tickets can be fought off—and paying online will only result in a driver’s insurance premium rising. Always consider fighting off a traffic ticket if it’s possible, since it might turn out simpler than initially thought.

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