Heartly welcome to Proffer.ca!

My name is Anusan. Proffer.ca was born through discussion among me, and two of my friends while attending college. The initial idea was a one step directory based connection between client and Paralegal. Unfortunately it never took off over time, and both my friends have decided to pursue other endeavours in their lives. Some time later, I decided to take a step ahead on my own and execute a reverse-bid concept to connect the work to Paralegals.

We allow members of the public to post their Traffic/Speeding Tickets for Paralegal(s) to place a pre-offer on. You may gage the costs of representation without engaging in any contract. The Paralegal(s) offer what they believe is a reasonable fee as a to conduct the job. Based on that, the member of the public, or “client”, may look at the Paralegal(s) offer,  profile, past experiences, education, feedback, and so forth to make an informed decision.

Once the Paralegal(s) offer has been chosen by the client, the Paralegal may make arrangements to have them represented. The client will make payments via Paypal to you once those arrangements are done. All payments are processed through PayPal for the security of both parties. Proffer.ca charges the Paralegals a monthly membership fee to cover any associated operation costs.

You DO NOT need to hire expensive “traffic ticket fighting” companies whom charge an arm and a leg to fight a traffic ticket. A licensed and insured Paralegal, like those whom network on this site, with experience and a working understanding of the Highway Traffic Act, are more than enough to handle your defence in court, saving you the expense of taking a day off work and paying hiked insurance premiums.

We advice clients not to pay until all arrangements have been made, and not to pay outside of Proffer.ca. If the client or the Paralegal wishes to do so, we may act as an escrow, and hold the money until both parties have been satisfied.

Paralegals may register above for free to have an active account, you will get a 10 day trial period. We will monitor these accounts regularly. If you do not have your P1 certification and proof of insurance uploaded, along with your profile information filled out in detail, your account will be suspended.

We have big plans ahead to serve the public at affordable costs, and we appreciate any feedback or concerns that you may have.

Should you have any questions, send us an e-mail at: [email protected]